Orders overview

An order is the basic building block of a restaurant transaction. Each order specifies:

  • The items that a guest purchases.

  • The amount that the guest is charged.

  • How the guest receives the order.

  • How the guest pays for the order.

Diagram that shows the basic components of an order
About checks

Each order contains one or more checks. An order usually has only one check, but it can have multiple checks. For example, a party of guests might request separate checks so that each guest can pay separately.

Each check includes:

  • The menu item selections and prices.

  • Applicable taxes. See Taxes.

  • Discounts on the menu item selections and on the entire check. See Discounts.

  • Service charges on the check. See Service charges.

  • Information about the guest. See Guests.

  • Payments that the guest made on the order.

Other order information

Outside of the checks, the order tracks how the guest receives the ordered items:

  • The selected dining option. A dining option is associated with a specific dining behavior (in-person, takeout, curbside pickup, delivery).

  • The restaurant employee who is responsible for the order.

  • For in-person dining, the table where the guest is located.

  • For delivery orders, the delivery address and instructions.

  • For curbside pickup orders, information about the vehicle that is picking up the order.