Employee clock-in and clock-out

During offline mode, employees can clock in on Toast POS devices and perform many tasks, such as taking orders. Employees may also be able to clock out, depending on whether shift reviews are required.

The following sections describe configuration settings that affect employee clock outs during offline mode, and the procedures that employees can use to safely start and end their shifts.

Preparing for offline mode

Two restaurant configuration settings affect how employees can end their shifts:

  • The Shift Review option, which you can change. Note that this option only affects clocking out to end a shift, not clocking in to begin a shift.

  • The Turn Auto Clock Out On option, which can be changed only by Toast support personnel.

The Shift Review option affects how employees can clock out at the end of their shifts:

  • Required forces employees to perform a shift review before clocking out. The shift review allows the employee to close out all checks and declare tips. During offline mode, employees cannot clock out of their shifts because shift reviews are not supported in offline mode.

  • Optional gives employees the options of performing a shift review and then clocking out, or just clocking out without a shift review. During offline mode, employees can bypass shift reviews and go straight to the clock-out screen.

For information about how employees are affected by the Shift Review setting, see Ending shifts in offline mode.

The Turn Auto Clock Out On option controls the following:

  • If enabled (the default), all clocked-in employees are automatically clocked out at the business day cutoff. The business day cutoff is the hour of the day when the restaurant's current business day ends and a new business day begins. Note that the auto-clock-out procedure occurs regardless of the setting of the Shift Review option.

  • If disabled, clocked-in employees are never automatically clocked out. The disabled setting is typically used for restaurants that never close, so that employees who are working at the business day cutoff are not clocked out while still working.

Contact Toast support to find out the setting of your restaurant's Turn Auto Clock Out On option or to change it.

Starting shifts in offline mode

During offline mode, employees cannot log in on Toast POS devices. However, they can clock in on a device, by using the normal procedure of signing in with a passcode and then clocking in on the Clock In/Out screen.

After clocking in, employees should follow these best practices:

  • It is important that each employee use the same Toast POS device to take orders during their shift. More than one employee can work on a single device, but it is important that each employee use the same device while in offline mode.

  • When the employee clocks in, a time entry record for the employee is created locally on the device. However, the time entry record cannot be synced with the cloud during offline mode. When the restaurant is back online and the devices are synced with the cloud, the time entry record is also synced with the cloud and is available in the Toast administration back-end (such as for listing in labor reports).

  • Because devices cannot sync with each other in offline mode, orders taken on one device will not appear on other devices. This is another reason why employees should use the same device throughout their shift while in offline mode.

  • During the shift, it is a good practice to not restart the device. During offline mode, data will continue to be stored in the device until the connection is resumed. Note that the data will survive a power failure.

It is very important that the employee does not clock in on a separate device. If that happens, each device will have a separate time entry record stored locally. Conflicts can occur when the restaurant returns to online mode and both devices sync with the cloud.

Ending shifts in offline mode

At the end of their shift, an employee's clock-out procedure depends on whether the Shift Review option for the restaurant is Optional or Required.

Shift Review=Optional: Because a shift review is not required, the employee can clock out of the device without performing a shift review. The time entry record is closed locally. However, because the device cannot sync with the cloud, the device should not be powered off. When the restaurant comes back online and all the devices are synced with the cloud, the time entry record is also synced. Subsequent labor reports should list the time information for the employee. It is important that employees clock out on the same device that they clocked in, for time entry accuracy.

To clock out when with a Shift Review=Optional setting

  1. Resolve all unpaid checks. This step is not required in order to clock out, but it should be done because checks cannot be closed from other devices in offline mode.

  2. On the device, tap the Toast logo in the top left corner until the Toast POS home screen appears.

  3. In the My Account section, select Time Clock.

    The Time Clock selection on the Toast POS device.
  4. On the Clock In/Out screen, tap the Clock Out button. If the clock-out is successful, the Clock Out button text changes to Clock In (but you remain on the Clock In/Out screen).

  5. Tap the Done button.


    After clocking out, do not log out of the device, because no one will not be able to log back in on the device during offline mode.

Shift Review=Required: The employee must complete a shift review before clocking out. However, because shift reviews cannot be performed in offline mode, the employee should not attempt to clock out. Instead, a manager should mark down the employee's quitting time on paper or on a personal device. When the restaurant is back online, the manager can use the Time Entries report to adjust the time entry for the employee.


Depending on the setting of the Auto Clock-out restaurant option, clocked-in employees may be automatically clocked out at the end of the business day.

Adjusting time entries

The following procedure explains how to adjust an employee's time entry record. You can use this procedure for an employee who could not clock out during offline mode.

The example in the procedure adjusts the time entry's Out Date field, which was empty because the employee could not clock out.

To adjust an employee's time entry record

  1. In the Toast administration back-end, select Reports > Employee performance > Time entries.

  2. If necessary, change the View on the Time Entries page to reflect when the employee clocked in and choose Update. For example, change it to Yesterday if the employee clocked in yesterday but you are making the change today.

  3. On the Time Entries tab, select the employee name.

  4. In the Update Time Entry dialog box, make the adjustment and click Submit.

    In the following example, the Out Date fields (which previously were empty) are adjusted to the previous day's date.

    The Update Time Entry dialog box (in the Labor > Time Entry page) for adjusting an employee's Time Entry record.

    As a result, the Out Date, Total Hours, and Payable Hours columns on the Time Entries page should be updated.