Employee breaks overview

In the Toast platform, you can create custom break types that employees can use when clocking in and out for breaks on their Toast POS devices. For example, you can create a 10-minute paid break called "Rest Break" and a 30-minute unpaid break called "Meal Break". Employees choose the correct break type when clocking out for a break. For information on creating custom breaks, see this Toast Central article.

Some states have stricter labor laws that involve penalties and employee compensation when employees miss breaks. To support restaurants in these states, the Toast platform includes the missed break tracking feature. This feature allows you to configure a custom break so that the Toast platform tracks when an employee does not take it. In addition, the Toast platform's break acknowledgement feature asks employees whether they were asked to take breaks during their shift and records their responses. Combined with missed break tracking, this information allows you to see if employees are missing breaks because they were not asked to take them.