Multi-factor authentication overview

You can use multi-factor authentication to increase the security of your Toast platform employee account. When you use multi-factor authentication, the Toast platform prompts you for a numeric code in addition to your username and password when you sign in to Toast Web as an employee. You get the code from a short message system (SMS) text message or using an authenticator application that will generate a secure code. The combination of your username and password and the code that you get using a device that only you are likely to have are the multiple factors that increase the security of your employee account.

You can configure your own employee account to use multi-factor authentication or you can configure another employee account if you have that Toast platform permission. For example, as a restaurant manager you can enable multi-factor authentication for restaurant employees. Restaurant employees are able to disable multi-factor authentication for their own accounts.

You can choose the way that you get a secure code for multi-factor authentication.