Sending and receiving text alerts

This section describes how to send a text alert from a Toast POS device.

To send a text alert from a Toast POS device

  1. Tap the overflow icon ( ) on the top right corner of any screen in the Toast POS app.

  2. Tap the Send Text Alert option.

  3. From the What text alert would you like to send? dialog, tap to choose the text alert you want to send.

  4. From the Who would you like to alert? dialog, select the check box for the employee(s) you want to alert.

  5. Click Send.

Employees in job roles configured to receive alerts receive a text message with the selected alert.

Every text alert contains:

  • Sender's name: The name of the restaurant employee who is currently logged into the device used to send the alert.

  • Alert content: The preset message that the employee sent.

  • Point of origin: The name of the POS device used by the employee to send the alert.


    For multi-location restaurant groups, the text alert contains the name of the restaurant location from where an employee sent an alert instead of the name of the POS device.