Resetting multi-factor authentication


Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a secure authentication method where you are asked to provide additional details to further secure your Toast account. The following list provides some MFA reset scenarios, and why you may want to reset your MFA.

  • You can re-enroll your MFA for use with an authentication app.

  • If you've lost your device that you use to authenticate, you can reset your MFA to re-enroll on a new device.

  • You can reset your MFA to disable it for your account.

How to reset multi-factor authentication

The following procedure defines how you can reset your multifactor authentication (MFA).


Resetting MFA can only be done by the employee who owns the account. If the employee is unable to reset their MFA, reach out to Toast support.

  1. From Toast Web select your name in the upper-right, then choose My Account.

    Select your name from the upper-right and choose My Account.
  2. Select the Security tab to find the Multi-Factor Authentication section.

    Select the Security tab to find the Multi-factor Authentication section.
  3. Select Reset multi-factor-authentication. A confirmation dialog displays.

    Select the Security tab and choose Reset multifactor authentication.
  4. Select Confirm reset.

    Select Confirm reset

After confirming the reset, you are logged out. When you log back into Toast Web, you will not have to further authenticate and can enter your email address and password as normal.