Enabling and disabling multi-factor authentication

When you make changes to the multi-factor authentication configuration for your account or for another employee account, the Toast platform prompts you to sign in again with your username and password. This protects you from unauthorized changes to the security configuration for your account.

After you sign in to Toast Web, you can enable and disable multi-factor authentication for your employee account.

  1. Choose My account from the drop-down menu under your name in the top right-hand corner.

  2. In the Login & Security section, toggle the Setup multi-factor authentication option to enable multi-factor authentication. A window appears asking you to setup multi-factor authentication the next time you log in.

    When you sign in to Toast Web the next time, you are prompted for the 6-digit code provided by text message or an authenticator app (whichever you had chosen when setting up your account the first time).

  3. To disable multi-factor authentication, toggle the Setup multi-factor authentication option.