Recovery codes

The Toast platform multi-factor authentication function assigns you a recovery code when you configure multi-factor authentication. A recovery code is a string of text that you can use as a one-time secure code to sign in to the Toast platform if you do not have access to the device you use to get secure codes normally.

The following diagram shows an example recovery code. The code is available after you configure multi-factor authentication.

Screen image showing a recovery code for multi-factor authentication in the workflow screen immediately after configuring a multi-factor authentication device.

You store the recovery code in a secure way so that you can access it if you need it but no one else can. If you believe your recovery code may have been accessed by another person, or if you lose it yourself, you can deactivate the recovery code and generate a new one using the Rotate Recovery Code function.

To rotate your multi-factor authentication recovery code:

  1. Access Toast Web, and then from the My Account page, choose Setup Multi-Factor Authentication.

  2. Select Generate new recovery code. The Toast platform generates a new recovery code and displays it on the page. Copy and store the code safely.