Toast POS app version 2.71


These updates have been included in the 2.72 release. For the 2.72 release notes, see Toast POS app version 2.72

The following sections describe updates from the 2.71 Toast mobile release.

Z-report update

The end of day Z - Report now includes a breakdown of taxes, service charges, and refunds.

Updates to card pre-authorization banner functionality

The updates below affect the pre-authorization banner, which appears when a card is pre-authorized for payment on a transaction.

  • If the balance due on a check is $0 AND the check is in a paid or closed status, the pre-authorization banner is hidden on the payment and order screens.

  • If a card was pre-authorized on a check, and the same card was used as the payment method for the check, the pre-authorization banner will be hidden on payment and order screens regardless of check state.

Autofire device behavior update

Previously, you could select multiple devices as the autofire device for your restaurant which could result in printing multiple tickets. Now, only one autofire device may be selected.

Additionally, scheduled orders can now be fired from any restaurant device.

FreedomPay TerminalID relocation

The following update only affects FreedomPay® customers.

The TerminalID field has been relocated from the Device Setup > Card readers > Add a new card reader screen to the Payment processing > Device Setup screen of the POS device setup menu.