Toast POS app Version 2.68

The following sections describe updates and bug fixes included in the Toast POS app release version 2.68.

Updated text styling on the All Checks screen

When checks with no menu items are viewed in the All Checks screen of the Toast POS app, “No menu items” is now displayed in italics where menu item names were previously displayed.

Updated loyalty dialog

The loyalty dialog copy has been updated in the new POS experience to XX points available. Select a reward to apply it to this order. (optional).

Updated back button navigation

Previously, in Table Service mode, if a restaurant employee navigated to the All Checks screen, then multiple screens afterward, selecting the back button brought the restaurant employee back to each screen they had navigated to, even if the screen was a duplicate of another.

Now, when a restaurant employee taps the back button, after visiting multiple screens from the All Checks screen, they are directed to the table selection screen.

Guest address distance calculated

The distance of a guest's address from a restaurant location is now calculated to determine whether to include distance-based delivery fees in an order.

Barcodes allow up to five digits

The Toast POS app now supports embedded barcodes up to five digits. This allows embedded price and weight amounts of up to 999.99.

New split check permission

The new Split Checks permission controls whether restaurant employees need to obtain manager approval before splitting a check.

  • If an employee has the Split Checks permission, that employee can split checks without manager approval.

  • If an employee does not have the Split Checks permission, the employee must get manager approval to split a check.

The Split Checks permission is enabled by default for any employee who has the Table Service permission.


This feature is in limited release.

Guests can donate fixed amounts during payment

You can configure donation campaigns for your restaurant that will give guests the option to donate fixed currency amounts to non-profit organizations. Funds are automatically disbursed to the nonprofit organization once the campaign is completed.

Post-outage review failed and pending payments

After an outage, restaurant employees can now view all failed and pending payments at the top of the Toast POS device screen.

New POS experience enhancements to the Table and Order Screens

  • The Table Management screen now shows a + New Order button that provides an easy way to start a new order from the Quick Order screen. This is supported on both Toast POS terminals and Toast Go devices.

  • Tab Names are now visible on checks in the Table Details pane on the Table Management screen

Management swipe card bug fix

When management swipe cards are swiped to approve voids and discounts, the Toast POS application will correctly read the swipe card and grant access if valid.

Guest-facing display tip amount prompt for FreedomPay™ payments

Previously, restaurants using FreedomPay™ payments had to print a receipt for a guest to input a tip amount, and sign.

This improvement updates your Guest-facing display (GFD) and now you will see a prompt on the GFD asking for a tip input when a guest pays with a card.

The new workflow is: Cashier selects Credit > The GFD prompts for tip input > Guest selects tip amount > Your FreedomPay™ card reader asks for the total amount.


This feature is in limited release.

Quick edit mode syncs modifier edits instantly

In the new Toast Open View, Quick Edit mode will now sync edits to Modifiers instantaneously once a change is applied.

Other payment visibility

Restaurant employees can now control the visibility of their custom payment methods (Other Payments) via Toast Web. This update allows you to hide payment methods that are intended for the Toast API and should not be visible on the Toast POS.

Kiosk support for multiple service charges

Toast kiosk devices now support configuring and applying multiple service charges to an order.

Toast mobile app error messaging update

Previously, some payment error messages included the word “tender” when describing a payment, which led to confusion among restaurant employees. For example, “We’re sorry, we are unable to tender this payment.” The Toast mobile app error messaging has been updated by removing the word “tender“ and adding further clarity.

Manage third-party online orders from Orders Hub

You can turn on or off Uber Eats and DoorDash ordering channels from the Manage Online Orders button on the Orders Hub screen of the Toast POS app.


This feature is in limited release.