Toast POS app version 2.72

The following sections describe updates in the 2.72 Toast mobile release.

Z-report update

The end of day Z-Report now includes a breakdown of taxes, service charges, and refunds.

Updates to card pre-authorization banner functionality

The updates below affect the pre-authorization banner, which appears when a payment card is pre-authorized for payment on a transaction.

  • If the balance due on a check is a zero currency amount and the check is in a paid or closed status, the pre-authorization banner is hidden on the payment and order screens.

  • If a card was pre-authorized on a check, and the same card was used as the payment method for the check, the pre-authorization banner will be hidden on payment and order screens regardless of check state.

Autofire device behavior update

Previously, you could select multiple devices as the autofire device for your restaurant which could result in printing multiple tickets. Now, only one autofire device may be selected.

Additionally, scheduled orders can now be fired from any restaurant device.

FreedomPay updates

The following updates only affect FreedomPay® restaurant locations.

  • The TerminalID field has been relocated from the Device Setup > Card readers > Add a new card reader screen to the Payment processing > Device Setup screen of the POS device setup menu.

  • A card reader is auto-paired once the USB is attached.

    • When a user plugs in an compatible FreedomPay USB reader to the POS device, it is automatically connected and displayed under “Card Readers”. Payments are then taken.

    • When the user removes the FreedomPay USB reader, saved card details are removed.

    • You can add a WiFi network reader after disconnecting the FreedomPay USB reader.

Preview tickets are now configurable at the restaurant level

The Preview tickets setting is available on Toast Web to enable or disable preview tickets for your entire restaurant for grid view on KDS devices. Previously, preview tickets were not configurable and automatically enabled. For more information, see Preview tickets.


This feature is in limited release.

Updated house account Track but do not invoice payments function

Previously, when charging a house account with the Track but do not invoice payment, Unknown payment showed on the payment line item. Now, House Account and the last four digits of the house account show on the payment line with a new House Account visual icon. The remaining house account digits are redacted with asterisks. For example, “House account ****1234“.


This only links the house account to the transaction and does not apply the payment.

Updated other payment option refund workflow

A button has been added to the refund workflow for Other payment option payments. When a check paid using an Other payment option payment has a negative balance, a new Other payments button is shown. When you select Other payments, you can quickly issue a refund for an Other payment option payment.

New Service Report screen on the Toast POS app

You can now view a breakdown of your Z-report by service periods on the Toast POS app. To access your Service Report, navigate to the Toast POS home screen, and select Service Report under Manager Activities.


This feature is in limited release.

Toast kiosks now support surcharging

Toast kiosks now support adding a surcharge to orders paid using a credit card.


This feature is in limited release.

Check moved confirmation message

While using the quick change table workflow, when a check is moved from one table to another, a banner displays that says Check moved to confirm the check move was successful.

Check move workflow shows visual grid lines

While using the quick change table workflow, the table layout background now shows grid lines. You can access the quick change table workflow by tapping and holding a table selection on the Table Service screen.

Re-show check headers

While on the table service details panel, and viewing a long check, some check header buttons will collapse. You can tap the check header to show the hidden portion of the header. Previously, this functionality was only available while using an ordering workflow.

Empty checks show “No menu items”

On the Table Service screen, the check detail panel now shows No menu items on any empty checks.

Third-party online ordering ID shown on check header

You can now see the ID number in the check header for orders placed using a third party.

Add a new seat within a check

When the setting Front of house > Order screen setup > Order by seat is enabled, you can now add a new seat from within the check when two or more menu items are selected.

Double-tap to open a check

When the table details panel is open on the Table Service screen, restaurant employees can double-tap an occupied table to instantly open that table’s check.

Updated manager passcode hint text

When a manager’s passcode is required, the hint text in the manager passcode dialog now says Manager passcode instead of “Employee Passcode Required.“

Notification bell location is saved

When the notification bell on the Toast POS app is moved, the new location is saved for future app sessions, and no longer moves back to the original position.

Table details panel can no longer be opened when changing a table

Previously, you could open the table detail panel while in the change table workflow. Now, while changing a table, the table details panel can no longer be opened.

Text alerts can be sent from the Table Service screen

If text alerts are configured, you can now send text alerts using the Send text alert button found in the three-dot overflow menu on the Table Service screen.

Looking up a check now reopens the check

Previously, if you used the lookup check feature from the Table Service menu, a closed check you found would not open. This issue has been fixed, and closed checks now open when using the lookup check feature from the Table Service menu.

Previous and Next seat buttons missing

Previously, the Previous and Next seat buttons would not show when using Table Service Mode. This has been fixed, and these buttons now display. This issue occurred when the Front of house > Order by seat settings were configured as:

  • Required or Optional for table service

  • Off for quick service

Individually Hold and Send applies to all modes

When the setting Front of house > Order screen setup > Individually Hold and Send Items is enabled, the sending and firing behavior now applies to orders from all order modes.

Table details panel does not show updates and cannot be selected

Previously, after updating an order in table service, the table details panel did not reflect any updates and could not be selected when returning to the Table Service screen. This has been fixed, and after updating an order, the table details panel now shows the order update, and can be interacted with after returning to the Table Service screen.