Toast POS app version 2.69

The following sections describe updates and bug fixes included in the Toast POS app release version 2.69.

Updates to the new POS experience

Ordering functionality in the new POS experience of the Toast POS app is updated in the following ways:

  • Check detail header buttons have been updated to remain consistent among POS devices:

    • Exchanged location of the Discount and Print buttons, so that Print is more easily accessible.

    • Changed icon-only buttons to text (service charge, split, discount) on terminals, for additional clarity.

  • Updated menu button text based on menu grid size on handheld and terminal POS devices. Text no longer overlaps with the edges of the menu button.

  • Increased space for menu items in the check details screen by reducing the size of seat number headers when Order by Seat is enabled.

  • The Paid and Closed tabs now show the total amount paid.

  • The ID verification badge, for restaurants that use the ID scanning workflow, is now visible in the order screen.

  • The All checks screen now permanently shows the check details panel.

  • Restaurant employees can now open a check from the All checks and Payment terminal screens by double tapping the check.

  • A back button (back arrow) has been added to the details pane in the Table Service mode on the tablet POS app.

  • The Quick Order check details header is updated in the following ways:

    • The Server Name and Schedule Order buttons are now swapped so that the Server Name button is always visible.

    • Split and Service Charge buttons are now in the check header to match their placement in Table Service mode.

  • When you scroll down for a large check and the check header buttons are minimized, you can tap the check header to show the check header buttons. Previously, this functionality was only available on Toast handheld devices.

  • When an employee selects an order item on the check preview screen, the order opens.

  • On the All Checks screen, the currently logged-in employee's checks have a blue stripe on the left side of the check.

Remove check from table revenue center bug fix

When restaurant employees remove one or more checks from a table that has a revenue center assigned to it, the revenue center associated with the table is removed and the conflict dialog will not be shown.

Open View updates

The Toast POS app Open View ordering workflow has been updated in the following ways:

  • Restaurant employees can now edit menu group headers in Quick Edit mode.

  • When restaurant employees select an item from the check and choose the Discount button, the Discounts screen opens and item discounts can be applied.

  • Previously, when copying empty menu items, these copies did not match the order set for them in Toast Web. Now, empty menu items copied from existing empty menu items display in the correct order as defined in Toast Web and within Open View.

Change table Merge button bug fix

Previously in the new POS experience, when moving a check to another table, the Merge button was cut off in the confirmation dialog. The Merge button has been updated and now fully displays in the confirmation dialog.

Server assignment screen redesign

The Server assignment screen has been redesigned to match the style of the new POS experience and now includes actions to remove all assignments from the selected server or from all servers.

Default size modifier bug fix

Previously, when a menu item with a default modifier size was selected on the POS app, the default size was not applied.

Now, menu items with a default size modifier have the modifier size applied to the menu item on the modifier screen, and when the menu item is added to the check.

Smaller item label sizes for Epson L90 and TLP400 printers

Label printers Epson L90 and TLP400 now support additional label sizes: small vertical (1.5 by 3 inches), small horizontal (3 by 1.5 inches), and medium horizontal (3 by 2 inches). Small vertical (1.5 by 3 inch) labels are oriented and printed sideways to optimize paper usage.

For smaller item labels, custom logos and footers are omitted to retain readability. Modifiers are listed; if there are space constraints, this list is summarized. For example, three modifiers that do not fit are summarized as “+3 modifiers.” You have the ability to prominently display either the guest’s name or ticket number at the top of the ticket.

For the Epson L90 printer, small vertical, small horizontal, and medium horizontal label sizes must use existing 76-80mm label printer paper.

For the TLP400 printer:

  • Small vertical and small horizontal label sizes must use 3 inch by 1.5 inch label printer paper.

  • Medium horizontal label sizes must use 3 inch by 2 inch label printer paper.

FreedomPay locations can adjust payment amount on the day of transaction

Previously, the Toast POS app Adjust button was disabled for locations using Next Level Commerce™ FreedomPay™ devices.

Now, If your restaurant location uses FreedomPay devices to accept payments, you can use the Toast POS app Adjust function to update payment amounts on the day of a transaction. For example, you might use the Adjust function to enter a tip amount if you accidentally close a check without entering one first.

New grid view for KDS devices

KDS devices can use grid view to view a maximum number of kitchen tickets in a grid layout and preview order items before the order is sent to the kitchen. For more information, see Grid view for KDS.


This feature is in limited release.

Deposits Screen update

The Deposits screen has been updated in the following ways:

  • Deposits has been renamed Cash Deposits.

  • The Cash Deposits screen has been updated to match the look and feel of the new POS experience.

  • The Cash Deposits workflow has been improved.

Handheld devices automatically forget incorrect wireless network

When Toast Go and Toast Go 2 handheld devices are connected to the wrong wireless network, they cannot print and take payments. In this situation restaurant employees can use a troubleshooting function on the POS device to reconnect to the correct wireless network and resume printing and taking payments.

In this release, when a restaurant employee uses the troubleshooting function to reconnect to the correct network, the device automatically forgets the secondary Toast wireless network named _Secure. The secondary _Secure network does not support taking payments and printing. Forgetting the incorrect network prevents the device from reconnecting to it in the future.