Toast POS app version 2.74

The following sections describe updates included in the Toast POS app release version 2.74.

Selecting the destination table multiple times no longer causes the Toast app to crash

Previously, when changing a table for an order, if you selected the destination table multiple times, the Toast app could crash. Now, this crash no longer occurs when selecting the destination table multiple times during the change table workflow.

Voided payments no longer appear on checks

When a payment is voided from a check, the voided payment no longer appears on the payment terminal or All Checks screens.

Checks no longer selected by default on the payment terminal and All Checks screens

When the payment terminal and All Checks screens are opened, a check is no longer selected by default.

Orders hub no longer shows orders with no menu items

Previously, the Orders Hub showed orders with no menu items. Now, the Orders Hub only displays valid orders that have menu items.

Blank menu appeared when selecting a menu item

Previously, a blank menu appeared when selecting a menu item from the check preview screen with the POS device setup setting Order Screen Menu > Open View enabled. Now, if you have Open View enabled, when you select an item in the check preview on the table management screen, the menu now loads as expected.

Open item button relocation

The Open item button is now located in the check detail overflow menu.

Menu item search can now be disabled

You can now disable the menu item search option that shows on the Toast POS app. To disable the menu item search, in Toast Web change the setting Front of House > Order screen setup > UI options > Enable menu item search? to No.

The Toast POS now supports drive-through display mode

You can now use drive-through display mode for order confirmation with Delphi digital menu boards and screens.

Specific third-party bump bar supported by KDS devices

Kitchen display systems (KDS) devices now support specific bump bars. A bump bar is an external piece of hardware that allows employees to navigate the KDS device without using the touchscreen. For more information, see the Bump bar integration overview.

Updates to the guest pay payment workflow and functionality

Guest pay is a term used to describe a payment device that faces the guest. A guest pay device can be a card reader, or guest-facing display (GFD). For more information about guest pay devices and functionality, see Guest Pay and Dual Reader Functionality with Toast Tap. The guest pay card reader payment workflow and functionality have been updated in the following ways:

  • If you use a single card reader, and the Payment Option setting for that reader (from the Device Setup on the Toast POS app) is set to Guest Pay, you can now add funds to gift cards, activate gift cards, and redeem gift cards.

  • If you use a single guest pay reader, you no longer see the Guest Pay button on the payment selection screen. The Guest Pay and Credit buttons have been consolidated to a single Card button. Manual card key-entry is still available on the restaurant employee facing payment terminal.

  • You can now configure a card reader to have the Guest Pay payment option with or without a guest-facing display, and without the need for a separate magnetic stripe reader.