Toast POS app version 2.70

Customer lookup screen redesign

The takeout and delivery customer lookup screen has been redesigned to match the new POS experience.


This feature is in limited release.

Disable tipping on specific devices

Now you can disable tip prompts and receipt tip lines for physical and digital receipts on specific devices.

Updated table service and menu item status colors

The following list describes visibility updates to the menu item and table status colors:

  • The green, red, and yellow menu item and table status colors are now a lighter shade.

  • The empty table outline is now blue.

  • The table data text color for tables served by another employee is now a brighter white.

Service details can now be shown or hidden in the new POS experience

A Hide or Show button, to the left of the service area navigation bar, now reveals the table service details panel in the new POS experience.

Updated notification when menu items without a course are sent to the kitchen

During a transaction, if you hold a menu item and send other menu items to the kitchen that require a course assignment, a notification appears on the Toast POS app that tells restaurant employees if a sent menu item needs a course assignment. This update affects restaurants that use the Courses feature, and require menu items to have a course assignment.

Previously, if menu items were held, and others were sent to the kitchen without a course assignment, no notification was displayed.

Service prompts show as expected

Restaurants with the Front of house > POS notifications > Service prompts >Prompt server when setting set to paying, now see their configured service prompt after selecting Pay $ from the table service details panel.

Confirmation message added when editing another server’s check

Restaurants with the Front of house > Order screen setup > Prompt user if they're about to edit another server's check enabled, and whose employees have the 1.9 Edit Other Employees' Orders permission enabled, are now prompted to confirm they want to edit another server's check.

Out-of-stock items disabled

On the new POS experience, when employees go to an order and into Quick edit mode > Rearrange menu items, out-of-stock items are now gray.

Reconnect to the Toast network

If the Toast POS device disconnects from the Toast network, printing and taking payments are disrupted. If a network disconnect occurs, the Toast POS application now shows a dialog with a Join toast network button. Selecting Join toast network, reconnects your Toast POS device to the Toast secure network.

KDS view is now configured on the Device Setup screen

The default KDS view is configured on the Device Setup screen, and this view is reflected on the Kitchen Display System mode accessed from the Toast POS home screen. Previously, grid view and dynamic view were accessible through separate buttons on the Toast POS home screen. For more information, see Setting up grid view.


This feature is in limited release.