Digital receipts and printed receipts

Digital receipts allow your guests to receive a text or email receipt. You can still print payment receipts if you use digital receipts.

The following table describes the functionality differences when you enable or disable the digital receipts configuration option.

Digital receipt statuses and descriptions




  • Guests select a tip amount.

  • The POS app displays Text, Email, and Print receipt options on the guest-facing display, Toast Go, and flip tablet devices.

  • If your restaurant uses Toast Loyalty, guests are asked to sign up for your loyalty program, or sign into an existing loyalty account.

  • If your restaurant has enabled Guest Feedback, the Toast Go guests are asked to complete an experience survey.

  • The payment screen does not show the optional Tip box seen when digital receipts are disabled.


  • For credit payments, a guest copy and a merchant copy are printed.

  • Guest-facing displays, Toast Go, and flip tablet devices do not present the guest with Print, Text or Email receipt options.

  • An optional tip box is added to the payment screen, as seen in the following diagram. When completing credit transactions, you can add a tip amount in this box, and the payment total is updated for the guest. Alternatively, You can still add tips after you complete a transaction by adjusting the closed check.

For more information about how to enable and configure Digital Receipts, see this Toast Central article.