Add a kitchen printer

Every restaurant that uses a Toast platform has at least one kitchen printer.

  • In a restaurant that primarily uses kitchen printers, there are usually at least two printers. Each printer acts as the backup for the other.

  • In a restaurant that primarily uses KDS devices, you add a kitchen printer to act as the backup when the system is in offline mode.

  • You can route items that do not require tickets for fulfillment to a "no print" prep station that does not have an associated printer.

Before you add a printer to the system, you must know the printer's IP address. Each printer shipped by the Toast configuration center is labeled with its configured IP address. IP addresses are formatted as a series of four numbers separated by periods, such as

To add a kitchen printer, you must have the Web Setup > Kitchen / Dining Room Setup access permission. Then, follow these steps.

  1. Access the Toast administration back-end.

  2. Choose Payments > Checks & receipt setup > Printers and cash drawers.

  3. Click the + Add button and then enter an identifying name for the kitchen printer. As a best practice, use the following naming convention for kitchen printers.

    • Prep station name

    • KP

    • (Last number in the IP address)

    For example, "Cold Station KP (171)" or "Backup KP (170)".

  4. Specify the printer's model. For example, Epson U220.

  5. Enter the printer's IP address.

  6. Set the Kitchen Ticket Font Size.

    The Customer Receipt Font Size does not apply to kitchen printers and can be left at the default setting.

  7. Verify that the paper width is set to Wide.

    The Narrow setting applies only to legacy printer models that Toast no longer supplies.

  8. To print kitchen tickets in English, set the Character Set to Western.

    Currently, the only other character set that Toast supports is Chinese, for Epson U220 Chinese printers only. Note that if you use a Chinese printer, you must translate and enter all menu names and kitchen names into Chinese characters.

  9. After you identify at least one printer, you can specify another printer as its Backup. If printing fails at this printer, the system redirects tickets to the backup.

  10. Verify that the Cash Drawer option is set correctly. Typically, you set prep stations other than bar stations to No Cash Drawer.

  11. Save and publish your changes.

Repeat these steps to add your other kitchen printers, or to update the information for a printer by adding its backup printer. After you set up your printers, you can assign them to your prep stations.