Verify printer assignments

If a kitchen printer is printing two sets of tickets for every order, two prep stations or both a prep station and expediter seat might be configured to use the same printer.

To verify that your kitchen printers are assigned correctly, follow these steps.

  1. Access the Toast administration back-end.

  2. Choose Kitchen > Kitchen stations > Prep stations. An interactive grid with rows for each prep station appears.

  3. Review the Ticket Printer assignment for each prep station. If you assign the same printer to multiple prep stations, that printer will produce tickets for all of those prep stations.

  4. Save any changes.

  5. Choose Kitchen > Printers, tickets, & KDS devices > Kitchen.

  6. In the Expediter section, review the Expediter Printer(s) setting. If you assign the same printer to both the expediter and a prep station, that printer will produce tickets for both the prep station and the expediter.

  7. Update printer assignments for your expediter and prep stations as needed.

  8. Save and publish your changes.