Add a prep station

When you add a prep station, you assign a printer to it.

  • If you use kitchen printers, you assign one of your kitchen printers to each prep station when you add the prep station.

  • If you use KDS devices, you assign your single, backup printer to every prep station.

To add a prep station, you must have the Web Setup > Kitchen / Dining Room Setup access permission. Then, follow these steps.

  1. Access Toast Web .

  2. Choose Kitchen > Kitchen stations > Prep stations.

  3. Click the + Add button. The Toast platform adds a row to the interactive grid.

  4. Enter an identifying name for the prep station.

  5. To print or display the prep station's tickets at an expediter printer or KDS, check Send to Expediter.

    For example, your expediter needs the tickets for your Hot and Cold stations, but not for your Bar station. You check Send to Expediter for the Hot and Cold prep stations, but not for the Bar. For more information, see Configure the expediter workflow.

  6. To monitor items sent to another station or stations by printing them on kitchen tickets, select the Other Stations. This option affects printed kitchen tickets only. For more information, see Monitoring items at other prep stations.

  7. Select the kitchen printer that you want to print this prep station's tickets.

  8. If the prep station primarily uses a kitchen printer, check Always Print Tickets. Every ticket sent to this prep station prints at the specified printer.

    If the prep station uses a KDS, clear Always Print Tickets. Tickets print only when the system is in offline mode.

  9. Save and publish your changes.

Repeat these steps to add your other prep stations.

After you set up your prep stations, you can assign KDS devices to them (if applicable) and add them to your menus.