Configuring your delivery area


If you are using TDS, the delivery radius is automatically set by DoorDash.

For first-party delivery, you can configure your delivery area on the Takeout/delivery page in Toast Web. The delivery area appears under the Delivery Area section. The delivery area is set by the restaurant location address listed on the Location information page. To open the Location information page, choose Toast account > Business and location management > Location information.

If you see an error that says “This restaurant’s address has not been verified. Please place marker on the correct location and verify.” enter your restaurant’s location in the text field, then select the Search button to search for your location. Select the Verify button to verify your location. Then select Publish Now to publish your changes.

To configure your delivery area

  1. The green marker on the map indicates your restaurant’s location. Select the Polygon tool (square icon) at the top right of the map. The tool allows you to draw and designate your delivery area. Select within the map to draw your delivery area. Double-click on the map to stop drawing.

    To clear your drawing, select the Delete icon at the top right of the map or select the Reset Delivery Area button above the map.

  2. Select the Save button to save your delivery area.

    To reset your map location, select the Reset Map Location button. This clears the map and allows you to enter your restaurant's address. Enter your restaurant's address and then select the Search button to search and verify your location.