Configuring a delivery service charge

A service charge can be applied to delivery orders. This service charge is automatically applied to all delivery orders.

To configure a service charge for delivery orders

  1. Access Toast Web .

  2. Choose Takeout & delivery > Availability > Takeout/delivery to open the Takeout/delivery page.

  3. In the Delivery Fee section, select Configure delivery service fees to open the Service charges page. You can also navigate to this page by choosing Payments > Checks & receipt setup > Service charges.

  4. Select the + Add button.

  5. Enter the appropriate information. For more information about service charges, see Configuring service charges.

  6. Select Yes for Delivery. This opens the advanced Delivery configuration fields:


    A service charge is only applied to a check when the dining option is set to Delivery.

    • Waive Fee Threshold: Enter the threshold (as a dollar amount) that determines whether to waive the delivery service charge. The service charge is waived if the pre-discount amount of the check is greater than or equal to this amount. For example, you might want to waive the delivery fee for orders of $50.00 or more. If this amount is 0.00, then the service charge is not waived.

      Do not set Waive Fee Threshold if you have set Apply After Amount Threshold.


    The Delivery distance threshold does not apply to TDS orders.

    • Delivery distance threshold: Enter the distance value that determines whether to apply the delivery service charge.

      This fee is only be applied if the distance from the restaurant to the delivery address is greater than or equal to this value and the dining option is set to Delivery.

      For example, you might want to apply a delivery service charge to orders that are delivered to locations that are five miles or more from the restaurant.

  7. Select the Save button to save your changes and then the Publish Now button to publish your changes. The new service charge appears on the Service charges page. On the Service charges page, you can edit service charges, apply charges to other dining options, reorder charges, or archive charges.