Managing first-party delivery orders


If the delivery drivers for your restaurant are employees of the restaurant, you will not be able use Toast Delivery Services (TDS). For more information about TDS, see Toast Delivery Services Troubleshooting & FAQ's. For TDS orders, you can only Redispatch a driver. You will not be able to assign and dispatch a driver from the Delivery screen on the Toast POS app.

The Delivery mode on the Toast POS app, has a built-in function that allows you to manage delivery orders, dispatch drivers, and mark orders as complete. The Delivery mode is different from TDS, as Delivery mode uses your own drivers and not an on-demand delivery service.


To use the Delivery Mode screen, you must have the 2. Delivery Access permission. From Toast Web, choose Employees > Employee management > Jobs to open the Jobs page. Select the job title to edit the permissions.For more information about permissions, see POS access "mode" permissions.

An Order Ready order must be assigned to a driver before it can be marked as complete. To assign and dispatch a driver from the Orders Hub screen:

  1. On the Order Ready entry, select the Complete button. If the order has not been paid for yet, select the Pay $ button to complete payment before assigning a driver. If the order has been paid for, a dialog box appears prompting you to select the Dispatch driver button. Select the Cancel button to cancel out of the dialog box.

  2. Selecting the Dispatch driver button opens the Delivery screen. On this screen, you can select the DISPATCH DRIVER button at the top right to dispatch a driver. Select your driver and then select the OK button.

    After you dispatch a driver, the order moves to the EN ROUTE tab on the Delivery screen. The order status changes from Unassigned to En Route on the Orders Hub screen.


    You must have the 2. Delivery Access permission or be assigned the driver to be able to mark the order as complete. If you do not have permission or are not the driver, an error message appears on the Orders Hub screen. The error message displays: You don’t have permission to complete delivery orders or delivery orders you are not assigned to.

  3. On the Orders Hub screen, you can mark an order as complete by selecting the Complete button. This moves the order to the Completed tab on the Orders Hub screen and moves the order to the DELIVERED tab on the Delivery screen.