Offline payment processing for digital orders

During a payment processor outage, the Toast platform can still accept orders placed through the Toast TakeOut app or the Toast Online Ordering website. Credit card payments are processed once the processor comes back online.


During the processor outage, orders placed through either the Toast TakeOut app or the Toast Online Ordering website can be completed in the Orders Hub.

You can review the status of your guest credit card payments in the Toast administration back-end.

To view your credit card payments

  1. Access the Toast administration back-end.

  2. Choose Reports to open the Reports page.

  3. Select the Payments drop-down.

  4. Select Payments.

  5. In the date filter, select Custom Date to enter the intended date range.

  6. Select the Update button.

  7. Use the Show/Hide columns dropdown and then select Status. This shows the credit card payment status for the orders in the date range.