Toast Online Ordering


This offline scenario only applies to restaurants that use Toast Online Ordering with Send orders directly to the kitchen or Use rules approval options. Restaurants that manually approve orders are not affected when a restaurant is offline due to a network outage. During an outage, a restaurant is considered offline when orders have stopped being auto-approved.

When a restaurant is offline, if a guest tries to place a Toast online order, an error message appears. The error message appears when the guest selects the Place Order button. The error message displays: We couldn’t process your order. Please try again. The guest can dismiss the error message by selecting the Got it button.

If the outage persists and the guest still cannot place the order, another error appears with the following message: We’re experiencing issues processing online orders. This issue is typically resolved in less than 5 minutes. If the error persists, contact the restaurant directly to order. The guest can dismiss the error message by selecting the Ok button. After the second attempt, Toast support recommends guests contact the restaurant to complete their order.