Online ordering hours overview

The hours you configure on the Online ordering schedule page determine the hours during a business day when guests can place online orders for immediate or future fulfillment. To open the Online ordering schedule page, choose Takeout & delivery > Availability > Online ordering schedule in the Toast administration back-end. You can also configure your online ordering hours on the Online ordering hours section on the Takeout & delivery page in the Toast administration back-end. These hours are displayed on your restaurant's Toast Online Ordering website and the Toast TakeOut app. For more information about configuring online ordering schedules, see Getting Started with Online Ordering.

Online ordering hours do not restrict when you can place orders on Toast POS devices or when guests can order and pay at the table using their own mobile device.


Some third-party integrations (for example, DoorDash) may use the online ordering schedule you configure in the Toast administration back-end. For more information about the DoorDash integration, see Getting Started: DoorDash Integration.