Dining options for Toast online orders

You configure dining option settings for Toast online orders in the Dining Options section. To open the Dining Options section, choose Takeout & delivery > Toast online ordering > Availability > Online ordering in Toast Web. The dining options you configure, such as delivery and takeout, are displayed on your restaurant's Toast Online Ordering website and Toast TakeOut.

If you configure only one dining option, that option will be set as default for all Toast online orders. If you configure more than one dining option, guests choose an option while placing their order. For example, if you configure the Takeout option setting and do not configure the Delivery option or Curbside option settings, your guests will be able to place Toast online orders for takeout only.

To configure a dining option setting, select a dining option from the corresponding drop-down menu. The drop-down menu for a setting displays the dining option(s) with the same behavior that you configured on your restaurant's Dining options page. For example, the drop-down menu for the Takeout option setting contains the dining options whose behavior is take out. For more information, see Dining options.