Enterprise jobs and employees overview

When using the enterprise module, the Toast POS system provides several additional features for managing your jobs, employees, and permissions. You can:

  • Create jobs that apply to all or only a portion of your restaurant group hierarchy, allowing you to control which jobs get used at each location.

  • Assign restaurant group-level permissions to an employee, allowing the employee to edit configuration entities (menus, menu items, prep stations, void reasons, and so on) that are owned by restaurant groups. For example, in order to edit a menu item owned by the Corporate restaurant group, an employee must have group-level permissions to the Corporate restaurant group. You also use restaurant group-level permissions to give an employee access to reports for groups of locations.

  • Quickly give an employee access to multiple restaurant locations using the Restaurant Access tab on the employee's details page. This method provides a quicker alternative to the process of adding an employee to individual restaurants using the Add User button on the Employees page.

  • Assign Local Menu Edit permissions that give a location manager limited abilities to edit some aspects of menu groups and items such as adding a menu item to a menu group or rearranging the order of menu items in menu group.

In addition to these features, the Toast POS system enforces a set of rules that control the changes you can make to other employee's basic information, jobs, and permissions. This section provides more information about each of these topics as well as a detailed example for configuring jobs and employees in enterprise environments.