When you create a version of a configuration entity, you specify a target. The target dictates which locations have access to that version of the entity. When you set a configuration entity's target, you are specifying a particular point in the restaurant group/location hierarchy. The entity will be accessible to restaurant groups and locations from that point in the hierarchy on down.

For example, in the illustration below, a configuration entity whose target is set to “Corporate” is available to all locations because Corporate is at the top of the hierarchy and Corporate’s children inherit Corporate’s entities unless a more specific version exists. Moving down the hierarchy, a configuration entity whose target is set to Franchise Owner 1 is available to the Northeast and Southeast restaurant sub-groups and, by extension, Boston, NYC, Burlington, Atlanta, and Charlotte. A configuration entity whose target is set to Burlington is only available at the Burlington location.

In general, Toast support does not recommend changing a configuration entity's target after you create it. If you change the target to a point lower in the hierarchy (for example, from the Northeast sub-group to the Burlington location), you are effectively reducing the number of locations that can access that entity. Reducing the number of locations that can access a configuration entity can have unintended consequences. Instead, to create a more specific version of a configuration entity for a point lower on the hierarchy, you should create a new version of the entity and set its target to that point in the hierarchy.


The Target menu shows the value of the Location Name field that you have specified for each restaurant, not the Restaurant Name field.