Restaurant groups and sub-groups

You use restaurant groups and sub-groups to organize your locations into a hierarchy. For example, you could group locations by geographic area or by franchise owner or by some other characteristic, such as locations that have a grill or a bar. As you create your configuration entities in the Toast administration back-end, you can specify which portions of the hierarchy will use your entities and which users in the hierarchy will be allowed to edit those entities.


As a reminder, a configuration entity is a discrete piece of restaurant configuration in the Toast administration back-end, for example, a menu, a menu group, a menu item, a modifier group, a modifier, a void reason, a tax rate, and so on.

A restaurant group has a name that identifies it and it contains either a collection of locations or additional restaurant groups (called restaurant sub-groups). In the illustration below, the hierarchy begins with the Corporate restaurant group, which contains two restaurant sub-groups: Franchise Owner 1 and Franchise Owner 2. The Franchise Owner 1 restaurant group contains its own sub-groups, Northeast and Southeast. The Northeast sub-group contains three locations, Boston, NYC, and Burlington while the Southeast sub-group contains two locations, Atlanta and Charlotte. A similar structure exists for the Franchise Owner 2 sub-group.