Configuring order ready messaging


To use the Orders Hub order ready messaging feature, you must have the 6.6 Restaurant Operations Setup permission. From Toast Web, choose Employees > Employee management > Jobs to open the Jobs page. Select the job title to edit the permissions. For more information about permissions, see POS access "mode" permissions.

On the Orders Hub screen, you can send a text message to guests notifying them that their order(s) are ready for pick up. When an Active order is marked as Order Ready, a text message is sent. You can configure order ready messaging in Toast Web. To open the Order Ready Messaging configuration page, choose Takeout & delivery > Orders Hub > Order ready messages > Order Ready Messaging.


Orders Hub order ready messaging is only available for orders placed using the Toast Online Ordering website, or the Toast TakeOut app with a dining behavior of either Takeout or Curbside. Order ready messaging is not available for orders placed through third-party online ordering channels.

Enabling order ready messaging


If a restaurant has the Kitchen Display Screen product module enabled in Toast Web, a banner appears at the top of the Order Ready Messaging configuration page recommending you turn off guest SMS when an order is fulfilled. This prevents guests from receiving multiple text messages.

The use of order ready messaging for marketing or other similar commercial messaging is strictly prohibited. Order ready messaging is designed to provide instructions and information to your guests and servers to facilitate order collections and fulfillment.


The default setting for order ready messaging is Off in Toast Web.

To enable order ready messaging

  1. Access Toast Web.

  2. Choose Takeout & delivery > Orders Hub > Order ready guest messaging to open the Order ready messaging configuration page.


    If you choose to enable order ready messaging, you must enter a custom message or use the default message. The message field cannot be blank. The maximum length of the message is 150 characters.

  3. Toggle the Takeout and or Curbside setting to On.


    For restaurants with multiple locations, you can use “$RESTAURANT” to auto-populate the restaurant name in the text message.

  4. Select the Save button and then Publish all changes button. The Confirm Publish dialog box appears.

  5. Select the Publish button to publish your changes or the Cancel button to cancel the dialog box. To turn off order messaging, toggle the switch from the On to the Off setting and then save and publish your changes.

Sending an order ready text message

To send a text message to your guest notifying them that their Active order is ready, select the Order Ready button. This moves the order to the Order Ready tab and triggers Orders Hub to send a text message to the phone number associated with the order. The text message is sent from a SMS short code. The short code is 86278.

Only one text message is sent to the guest. An additional text message is sent if the order is updated or reopened. Message and data rates may apply.