Marking KDS-fulfilled orders as Order Ready

You can choose to have orders fulfilled by the Kitchen Display System (KDS) automatically marked as Order Ready in Orders Hub. On the Order Ready Board, this moves orders from the In Progress column to the Order Ready column.


Orders are marked as Order Ready in Orders Hub when all the tickets in an order are fulfilled at the expediter level on an expediter KDS device. If Two-Level Fulfillment is enabled, this happens on the KDS device set as the second expediter KDS device.

To enable the KDS configuration

  1. Access Toast Web.

  2. Choose Takeout & delivery > Orders Hub > Order ready guest messaging to open the Kitchen Display System (KDS) configuration page. To turn on the KDS configuration, toggle the setting from Off to On.

  3. Select the Save button and then Publish all changes button. The Confirm Publish dialog box appears.

  4. Select the Publish button to publish your changes or the Cancel button to cancel the dialog box. To turn off the KDS configuration, toggle the switch from the On to the Off setting and then save and publish your changes.