Scheduling changes for menu entities that have not been previously published

Modifiers and price levels must have already been published at least once before you can use the menu manager's Schedule button to schedule updates for them. For example, you create Price Level A. You must publish Price Level A before you can edit Price Level A in the menu manager and schedule those edits to be published at a future date and time.

Menu items are handled differently. You can schedule a change for a menu item if it has not been previously published. However, to ensure that the menu item is available for ordering, the Toast platform may have to also publish other menu entities that the item is dependent on. When determining if other menu entities need publishing, the Toast platform follows these rules:

  • Any menu groups that contain the unpublished menu item are published along with the menu item. Publishing the parent menu groups ensures they will include the menu item. If those menu groups have other saved changes that have not been published yet, those changes are also published with one exception: any other menu items that have been added to the menu group are not included in the publish. Only the menu item that has a scheduled change is added to the menu group.

  • If the menu item has dependencies on entities like modifier groups, tax rates, or prep stations, those entities are published along with the menu item.

    This only applies to entities that the menu item requires to function properly. These entities include:

    • Tax rates

    • Price levels

    • Modifier groups

    • Modifiers

      If a modifier contains another nested modifier group, that nested modifier group is also published.

      A nested modifier group allows a guest or employee to further customize a modifier. For example, a dinner entree could have a Side Salad modifier. The Side Salad modifier can contain a nested modifier group called Salad Dressing with Balsamic and Ranch modifiers.