Menu builder and the classic menu details pages

The Toast platform currently has two workflows for menu creation, the menu builder workflow and the classic menu workflow. You access both workflows through the Toast administration back-end. The menu builder is a new, lightweight, easier-to-use menu creation tool that is designed to help you quickly create and manage your menus. A portion of the menu builder page for editing a menu item is shown below:

The pages for the classic menu workflow are older and contain the full suite of menu configuration options that are required by more complex menu features (for example, nested modifier groups or bar code scanner setup). The illustration below shows a portion of the classic details page for a menu item:

To create your Toast menu, you can start by using the menu builder. There are some important pieces of menu configuration, however, that don't exist yet in the menu builder and must still be done using the classic menu pages, for example, sales categories and advanced pricing like size-specific prices. The sections below describe how to use the menu builder to create your basic menu structure and also how to use the classic menu pages to provide additional configuration where necessary.

You can quickly move from the menu builder to the classic menu pages using the Advanced edit link shown below:


Ultimately, all of the features that the classic menu pages have will be incorporated into a comprehensive menu builder tool. In the short term, however, the menu builder will contain more basic menu creation features and you will have to use the classic menu pages for some configurations.