Bulk import tool overview


Changes made using the bulk import tool are not reversible. Also, your restaurant must have the Restaurant Management Essentials, Restaurant Management Pro, or Restaurant Management Enterprise package, or the multi-location module, to access the bulk menu import feature.

The bulk import tool allows you to use a comma-separated values (CSV) file to import menu changes in bulk to Toast Web. The process for completing a bulk menu import is:

  1. Make a copy of a bulk import spreadsheet template.

  2. Fill out a row in the template for each import operation.

  3. Download the completed template as a CSV file.

  4. Upload the CSV file into the Toast platform using the Bulk import tool in Toast Web.

The tool has three import spreadsheets to choose from:

  • Basic template: Use this template to quickly create new menu items, modifier groups, and modifiers with the minimum required information.

  • Item update: Use this template to update the name, price, SKU, PLU, description, POS name, kitchen name, and sales category of existing menu items.

  • Advanced template: Use this template to create and attach menu items, modifier groups, and modifiers, and set advanced settings like button color, SKU, PLU, and others. The import templates use the term attach for defining a menu entity's parent in the menu hierarchy. For example, you can attach a menu item to a parent menu group, or a modifier group to a parent menu group or item.

The Filling out a bulk import spreadsheet section provides detailed information on how to fill out the spreadsheets.