Base price

Applies to: Menu groups, menu items (including modifier item references)

A base price is a constant price for a menu group or item that does not change based on other conditions (such as the time the order is placed).

To create a base price for a menu group or menu item

  1. In the Pricing Strategy section of the menu group or item's details page, select Base Price.

  2. Enter the price in the Base Price field.

  3. Save your changes.

  4. If you are done editing prices for your menus, publish your changes.

To edit a base price after it has been created, you can either return to the menu group or menu item's details page and edit it there, or edit it on the Price editor page. For a menu item, you can also go to the details page for a menu group that contains the menu item and create or edit the item's base price in the Items grid.