Viewing the 86 report

The Reports > Menus > 86 Report is a useful tool you can use to decide which menu items to reorder. The 86 Report provides the following information:

  • Menu items that have an inventory status of Out of Stock (that is, menu items that have been 86ed). Out of Stock menu items are always reported.

  • Menu items that have an inventory status of Quantity and have a remaining quantity less than or equal to a threshold. You set the threshold by specifying a number in the Threshold Value field and clicking Submit.

In the report, the Quantity Remaining column indicates the number of items left in stock.

In this example which has a Threshold Value of 10, the Wings and Grilled Salmon menu items are out of stock (Quantity Remaining is 0 for both) and the Pie menu item is running low (Quantity Remaining is 4).

The Inventory property of a menu item.

Note that if you had set the Threshold Value to 3, the Pie menu item would not be listed because its remaining quantity of 4 is greater than the threshold.