Fixed price

Applies to: Modifier groups

With the Fixed Price pricing strategy, you set a single, constant price for all modifier options in a modifier group. For example, if you set a fixed price of $1 for the Toppings modifier group, all of the toppings within the group (pepperoni, sausage, onion, mushrooms, and so on) cost $1.

To set fixed pricing on a modifier group

  1. In the Modifier Pricing Method section of a modifier group's details page, set the Select where pricing is set at configuration option to Additional charge - price set by modifier group.

  2. Under the Modifier Group Pricing section, select Fixed Price.

  3. In the Fixed Modifier Price field, enter the price for this modifier group.

  4. Save your changes.

  5. If you are done editing prices for your menus, publish your changes.


The Price Editor does not yet support editing modifier group or modifier option prices, so fixed prices for a modifier group must be edited on the modifier group's details page.