Assigning prep stations

The details page for each menu, menu group, subgroup, menu item, or modifier group has a Prep stations section, under the Kitchen prep section, that shows the prep stations that have been assigned to it. A prep station represents the location of a kitchen printer or KDS device that receives orders for fulfillment.

You can set prep stations at the menu, menu group, or menu item level. By default, menu groups inherit prep stations from their parent menus and menu items and subgroups inherit prep stations from their parent menu groups. If you want to override the inherited prep stations for a menu group, subgroup, or item, toggle the link icon to unlink the configuration and then select the prep stations from the list.

The location of the unlink toggle for the Prep stations section.

If you do not have any prep stations configured yet, you will see a Create prep stations link that you can select to go to the Prep Stations page where you can create them. For more information on creating and using prep stations, see Add a prep station and Routing to prep stations.