Adding images to menu items

Toast support recommends adding images to your menu items to make them more appealing on your Toast online ordering website. Images must be in .jpg and .png format and no larger than 5MB.

To specify an image for a menu item

  1. On the details page for the menu item that you want to edit, select General info.

  2. Select Upload item image, locate the image you want to use, and select Open.

  3. To remove the image you specified and replace it with a different one, select the trash can icon next to the image and then repeat the preceding step.

  4. Select Save.

  5. Select the X icon in the upper-left corner to return to the menu builder home page.

  6. If you are ready for guests and employees to see these menu changes, select Publish all changes, then select Publish again in the Confirm Publish dialog box. For more information, see Understanding when to publish your menu.