Location-specific price

Applies to: Menu items (including modifier item references)

Location-specific pricing only applies to customers who use the enterprise module.

With location-specific pricing, the cost of a menu item (or a modifier's item reference) changes depending on the location where the order is placed, for example, a steak that costs $18 at the Boston location and $20 at the New York City location. Location-specific prices only apply to enterprises that have multiple locations and, for this reason, the information about them is included in the Enterprise module overview section where other multi-location concepts are introduced. For detailed information about configuring location-specific prices, see Location-specific price overview.

Once you have created a location-specific price, you can either return to the menu item's details page and edit it there, or edit it on the Price editor page. On the Price editor page, you can also bulk convert prices to location-specific prices. For more information, see Using the price editor.