Assigning alcohol labeling to menu items

The details page for each menu item has a Does this item contain alcohol setting, under the General info section. This setting identifies whether the menu item contains alcohol in cases where orders containing alcohol require additional handling. For example, local laws might require an ID check or prevent accrual of loyalty points.

Select Yes to indicate that the item contains alcohol and requires additional handling. Select No to indicate that the item does not require additional handling. For example, choose Yes for items such as Red Wine and Beer, but No for items such as Bananas Foster or Rum Cake.


Once an option is initially selected, you can only choose from the Yes or No options.

Identifying alcoholic items makes it easier for online ordering partners to comply with alcohol delivery laws and enables restaurants to include alcohol with takeout and delivery orders.

For information on assigning alcohol labeling to modifiers in addition to menu items, see Menu item and modifier alcohol labeling.