Sequence price

Applies to: Modifier groups


Sequence pricing for modifiers is supported on the Toast POS app, Toast Online Ordering, and in the menu data returned to online ordering partners. It is not supported on the Toast Takeout app, Toast Order and Pay, and Toast Kiosk. See Toast product channel support for advanced pricing features.

When using sequence pricing, the price of individual modifier options in a modifier group is determined by the sequence in which they are added to a menu item. For example, on a pizza menu item with a Toppings modifier group, the first topping is free, the second topping costs $1.00, the third topping costs $1.50, and all additional toppings cost $2.00. As modifier options are added to or removed from the menu item, the price of the menu item is updated to reflect those choices. The following illustration shows the Toast POS app with a menu item that has four sequence priced modifier options:

When the Toast platform determines the sequence, and the associated price, for a modifier option, it only considers the sequence of that modifier option in relation to other modifier options in the same modifier group. For example, consider a Sandwich menu item that has two modifier groups, Cheese and Meat. The Cheese and Meat modifier groups are configured to use sequence pricing and set their pricing as follows:

Cheese modifier group

  • First option, $0.00

  • Second option, $0.50

  • All additional options, $1.00

Meat modifier group

  • First option, $1.50

  • Second option, $2.00

  • All additional options, $2.50

A guest places an order for a turkey, ham, and cheddar sandwich and the server enters the modifier options in that order on the Toast POS app. The Toast platform calculates the following prices for the modifier options:

  • Turkey, first Meat option, $1.50

  • Ham, second Meat option, $2.00

  • Cheddar, first Cheese option, $0.00

Even though cheddar was added as the third modifier option to the sandwich, it is the first Cheese modifier option to be added, so it gets the first option price for the Cheese modifier group, which is $0.00.

Sequence pricing is configured at the modifier group level. All modifier options within the modifier group use sequence pricing when they are added to a menu item.

To set sequence pricing on a modifier group

  1. In the Modifier Pricing Method section of a modifier group's details page, set the Select where pricing is set at configuration option to Additional charge - price set by modifier group.

  2. Under the Modifier Group Pricing section, select Sequence Price. The Sequence Price grid appears.

  3. Click the Price field for the first option and enter a price.


    All sequence levels require a price. If you want a level to be free of charge, enter 0.00 in the Price field.

  4. If you need additional sequence prices, click the Add Level button to add additional rows to the grid and enter the prices for each level in their Price fields.

  5. Enter a price in the Price field for the All additional options level.

  6. To remove a sequence price level, click the Edit button and then click the trash icon for that level in the grid.

  7. Save your changes.

  8. If you are done editing prices for your menus, publish your changes.


The Price Editor does not yet support editing modifier group or modifier option prices, so sequence prices for a modifier group must be edited on the modifier group's details page.