Assigning sales categories

The details page for each menu, menu group, subgroup, menu item, or modifier group has a Sales category setting, under the Reporting section, that shows the sales category that has been assigned to it. The Sales Summary and other Toast reports use sales categories to create a breakdown of your sales, organized by sales category, for example, Food, Drinks, Retail, and so on.

You can specify a sales category at the menu, menu group, or menu item level. By default, menu groups inherit their sales category from their parent menus and menu items and subgroups inherit their sales category from their parent menu groups. If you want to override the inherited sales category for a menu group, subgroup, or item, toggle the link icon to unlink the configuration and then select the sales category from the list.

The location of the unlink toggle for the Sales category section.

While you can assign sales categories in the menu builder, you must use the classic Sales Categories page to create the sales categories themselves.

To create sales categories

  1. If you are viewing a menu entity in the menu builder, you can go to the Reporting section and select Manage sales categories from the Related settings to quickly access the Sales Categories page. Alternatively, you can do the following:

    • Log in to Toast Web .

    • Switch to the restaurant you want to create sales categories for.

    • Select Menus > Menu management > Sales categories.

  2. Select + Add to add a row to the Sales Categories table.

  3. Enter a name and a description for the sales category.

  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for any additional sales categories you want to create.

  5. Select Save.

For information about the reports that use sales categories, see these Toast Central articles:


  • If you change the sales category for a menu entity, those changes are reflected in future sales reports but existing reports remain unchanged.

  • While highly recommended for a better reporting experience, sales categories are optional. If you select None selected from the Sales category menu, no sales category is applied to the menu.