Changing inventory status in Quick Edit mode

You can change a menu item's inventory status in Quick Edit mode on the Toast POS device. This method is especially useful for quickly 86ing a menu item that has suddenly gone out of stock.

To update the menu item's inventory status in Quick Edit mode

  1. Use a manager passcode to log in to the Toast POS device.

  2. Enter Quick Edit mode as follows:

    1. On the Order screen, press and hold the button of the menu item whose status you want to change.

    2. On the Quick Edit mode prompt, tap Enter Quick Edit.

  3. On the Quick Edit screen, the Inventory section shows the current inventory status for the menu item (which is In Stock in this example). Tap the Inventory drop-down list box to display the inventory status selections:

    A Quantity inventory status for a menu item.
  4. Select an inventory status for this menu item:

    • If you select the In Stock status, the Quantity field is cleared if it has a number.

    • If you select the Out of Stock status, a 0 (zero) is automatically entered in the Quantity field. Use this status to 86 the menu item.

    • If you select the Quantity status, you also enter a number in the Quantity field that represents the remaining amount of menu items.

  5. Tap Save and then Done.

If you selected Out of Stock, the menu item button shows a 0 and you cannot select the item. If you selected Quantity, the menu item button shows the quantity amount that you specified.